EnoB Junior consists of high school and middle school students who have a passion for serving the marginalized through helping EnoB further its mission to spread happiness. Through EnoB, these students have worked as volunteers at outreach events, participated in community service, and even performed as musicians in concerts.

EnoB Junior provides volunteer opportunity for young students who might feel that they are not old enough or experienced enough to be involved in outreach service. The most important quality that EnoB Jr. needs from our volunteers is the heart for helping others. Often times, just being together with someone is enough to make them smile or feel happy. EnoB Jr. can help EnoB expand its mission to pay forward messages of love and hope through volunteering at EnoB events and make an impact in the students own community by organizing clubs and activities to raise awareness of EnoB and support its vision.
Byung-Hun Kim
Boston College

Christopher Lee
West Point
Eric Cho
Cornell University
Seungwoo Kim
Boston College
Arthur Chi
Northern Valley Regional High School at Demarest

Ashley Yu
Great Neck South High School
Brian Lee
Bergen County Academies
Christina Chung
Great Neck South High School
Douglas Chi
Northern Valley Regional High School at Demarest

Eunice Cho
Academy of Holy Angels
Julie Bu
Great Neck South High School

Joshua Kim
Justin Kim
Churchill Junior High School
Sophia Koock
Avenues: The World School

Victor Yu
Great Neck South Middle School
Yoonbeom Kim
Tenafly High School
Yuna Michelle Park
Hunter College High School