Mission and History

EnoB, Innovative Bridge Dreaming of a Beautiful Bridge!

During the performance, all of my repressed emotions were coming out, I cried extremely... Todays actually my first day at this hospice. I moved in last night I actually was feeling hopeless for transitioning into this hospice, but this EnoB concert touched my heart and pulled all the emotions out, and gave me joy and hope. I am very glad that its an ongoing event, please come again! Thank you very, very much.
A Patient at Calvary Hospital Hospice
It was the first time for anyone to visit COCO and the kids with a music event. The children loved it. I also enjoyed it very much and it reminded me of when I sang in choir as a kid. I wish we could hear EnoBs live music more often!
Sunduk Jeon, President of COCO, Center for Opportunities, Choices, & Outcomes

EnoB is a 501 c-3, community based nonprofit organization that reaches out to people who are hospitalized, disabled and suffering from socio-economic disadvantages by designing and performing a series of high quality, edutainment events and programs as musical concerts. We design these programs to be an innovative bridge to peace, joy and a brighter future and also a resource which connects isolated individuals in our society to arts and culture. We strive to spread happiness to as many needy individuals as possible.
EnoB believes that spreading happiness to individuals with physical or socio-economical disabilities is the first step for shaping a more beautiful and harmonized world where not a single individual is isolated, forgotten or ignored. Music is our tool in this mission. As a language understood by all, we believe in the strong healing power of music.

Through music, we want to connect and interact with vulnerable people and make them feel alive, loved and cared for. We wish to empower them with these unforgettable memories and experiences and instill unbridled joy, courage and hope. We want to remind them that they are not alone in this world. That is our philosophy, the energy that drives us to keep spreading happiness.
EnoB was founded in 2006 by young professionals in the New York City metro area with the belief that their talents must be shared, especially to those who are not able to access available cultural events easily. These young professionals have diverse backgrounds including arts, health care, NGOs and other charitable institutions. They firmly believe that the power of culture and art will bring out the best in youth regardless of their unfortunate circumstances and hardships.

Since its founding, EnoB has successfully fulfilled its mission to “Spread Happiness” by leveraging the donated talents of about 400 people in New York and in Seoul, South Korea, to provide more than 100 outreach concerts, in which some 9,600 people have participated. But it does not stop there. Every day, EnoB continues its work of spreading happiness to more and more people! In 2012, EnoB founded a branch in Seoul, bringing the organization’s ideas and values to an even wider audience. The Seoul office operates independently, receiving its funding through local channels.
EnoB aims to develop a regular, high-quality program and create a stable system so that it can provide more benefits to a larger region and more people. In doing so, EnoB hopes to create a world full of happiness without anyone being isolated.

EnoB New York hopes to collaborate with international organizations, such as the UN, to reach different regions of the world. EnoB Seoul focuses on spreading happiness to the Southeast Asian region including China and North Korea as well.
At EnoB, we feel privileged to be in a position to help those in need, and we are delighted with the efforts of our volunteer organizers and artists, as well as the support of our donors. In 2013 we planned and carried out 48 events in the New York Metropolitan Area and in Korea, but this experience has only shown us how great the need is for music and other forms of art to impact the lives of those to whom we reach out. Therefore, EnoB is constantly looking for opportunities to do even more
Spreading Happiness.. :)