EnoB has collaborated with Jasmine Chae to coordinate a series of flower healing classes, designed to promote happiness using flowers as the means to positively stimulate the human senses.
Program Director: Jasmin Chae
Jasmine Chae is the founder and president of Events by O9, a floral company dedicated to producing high quality floral arrangements for weddings and special events in NYC. With 18 years of expertise as the head designer at the most renowned floral companies in New York, and as the founder of her own company. Jasmine Chae has worked with a variety of audiences to promote the positive effects of flowers. As she saw the therapeutic effects brought by her classes, she wished to further this She wished to further the therapeutic effects of flowers, we have designed a program suitable for patients and families.
What are flower healing classes?
The beneficial effects of flowers to the body have been known for many centuries. Ancient Asian physicians believed in the power of flowers and used them as means of promoting physical and mental health. Nowadays, therapeutic effects of flowers are widely studied and are being implemented in a variety of aspects in the health industry. EnoB's flower healing classes have been curated to promote a sense of positivity by active interaction with fresh handpicked flowers delivered to our classes.

The combination of the colors, scent and sensation to the hands creates a conducive to the mental health of our participants. We have received numerous positive responses from our former participants, who said that the classes provided a time of restfulness, delight as well as excitement. We wish to continue and spread the effects of our flower healing classes.
Following is a sample program of our flower healing program
*Please note that the order and frequency of our classes are flexible according to your schedule and needs.
Week 1 - Flower Basket
Learn how to make arrange flowers in a basket and how to make feather butterflies

Week 2 - Small Wreath
Learn about the myths of wreaths and how to arrange flowers in them

Week 3 - Water Bucket Arrangement
Familiarize with the differences between floral foams and sand, and how to arrange flowers in the different media

Week 4 - Floating Flowers
Explore water-friendly flowers and make movements of these flowers in water

Week 5 - Hand-tied Bouquet
Learn how to make a hand-tied bouquet with fresh fragrant flowers and herb leaves (greens)

Week 6 - Bottle Arrangement
Collect beautiful bottles and arrange fresh flowers suitable for the bottle
Program Feedback

Comforting. I helps to keep my mind off of my troubles.

It got my mind off of all the stress and let me focus on something beautiful.

It helped me take a moment to breathe.

Today, I felt stressed because I am always late and worried about my mom. The flower class has helped me to relax, to appreciate flowers, and their beauty. My mom always loved flowers. Whenever I prepare them, I do it in honor of her. I hope she sees them when they are in her room.

Great group. Very supportive. Creativity created a better emotional supportive environment. Wonderful too and instruction! Thank you.

It was really interesting. I have learned a lot from the instructor about the names and uniqueness of each flowers. It was so wonderful to hear everyone laughing and I even laughed too! I am grateful that I was encouraged to take my time. I did not feel sad and there was no pressure.

The class was very nice. It made me feel relaxed and forget for a couple of minutes how hard this situation is for our whole family.

Very relaxing and healing. I loved it. It is great to meet and express feeling with other people in the same situation. Thank you.

Today was a special day. It was interesting to listen to the families and their stories. It makes me realize that I am not alone in my pain and discomfort. I learned that leave branches can be bent into certain angles to give the arrangement a different look.

I love it! So much fun spending time with others who are having same situation (not alone!) Being here is a good healing and relaxing. I may just continue to do floral arrangement at home. Thank you!

This class gives me the opportunity to share with wonderful people. It is the first time I was able to laugh in months. It really helped my stress level. Thank you for all your caring. I feel loved!

Calvary Hospital

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center