Dreaming of a Beautiful Bridge
We believe that everyone has the desire to utilize his or her talent to help those in need. Yet, at times, many of us hesitate because we simply do not know how or where to begin.

EnoB, Innovative Bridge, was established as a solution to this hesitation; it started as a non-profit organization with a mission to build a bridge between professional musicians and disadvantaged children so they may be exposed to the music genre that would not be readily available to them otherwise. Young professionals with a common goal to help others from all different professional fields including music, education, culture, medical fields and other non-governmental organizations supported EnoB. Seeing how excited the kids were when they laughed and danced to the music at EnoB’s first music concert reminded us once again how important this
The President of EnoB
organization is for these children. In fact, the first inspiration for EnoB came from the young patients.

I recall that it was 9 years ago, when I was doing works involved in music. I've heard from one of my acquaintances about five doctors from NIH (National Institutes of Health) who have decided to use their talents in music to prepare a Christmas concert for the young patients on Christmas Eve. They needed an accompanist for their performance so they have asked me for help. Suddenly it dawned on me that this was what I wanted to do. I wanted to be a bridge that lends help for those who seek for it and I wanted to overcome the hard reality of music being absent in places where it is needed the most.

Two years later, I became familiar with an organization operating for Korean-American disabled children that was managed by special education teachers. They have told me that a few teachers have gathered $800 during six months and asked me if I can prepare a concert for their children who have never experienced live music. Their earnestness touched my heart and I made up my mind to realize my ideas that I have prepared for little by little.

I have established EnoB thinking that creation of an official organization would gather those who agreed on my vision, accomplish more extensive and various tasks, and benefit much more people through a steady system. Now, five years since the inception of EnoB, we have made a progress to branch out to deliver edutainment (educational entertainment) to children and families who are disabled, hospitalized or financially disadvantaged.

Since 2006 we have served over 9,600 people (disabled children and youth, patients and family at Columbia Medical Center and NYU Medical Center, homeless shelter) through 400 volunteered-based outreach events. The organization strives to provide the youth with a variety of fun and educational programs through music and art. This year, we are planning to initiate a new service, focusing on cancer patients, survivors, and their family.

We wish to continue to bring joy in your life through the works we do here at Innovative Bridge. Also, we sincerely hope that the positive energy from the cultural programs we provide reaches as many kids as possible.

Spreading Happiness.. :)

Tae Wook Kang
President and Founder