EnoB Successfully Completes Jazz Concert
Christian News - April 2, 2012

Jazz Pianist Young-Joo Song Participates and Takes an Initiative for Talent Donation.

On March 31st, the benefit concert to support EnoB was a great success.

Including the famous jazz pianist Young-Joo Song, who has won the prize at Korean Music Awards, many other jazz musicians in New York performed at this concert with over 100 attendees.

This concert benefited EnoB’s fundraising efforts. One of the audience members stated, “It was great time watching the great musical performances and getting to know about the EnoB. It has made me want to support EnoB further.”

The concert was sponsored by Holy Name Medical Center, Korean Medical Program, Solisti Ensemble, It’s a Wig, Shin Choi, Fortlee Glasses, and Lim Jewelry.

Daewon Kim, nydaily@gmail.com