Special Concert for Children with Disabilities
Christian News - June. 11, 2012

EnoB is spreading happiness to Korea

On May 24, EnoB launched its first outreach concert at Wando for its multi-cultural families and local children. With Wando-guns support, around 300 people attended the musical concert. In this event, 9 musical actors and actresses gave exceptional performances.

Tae-Wook Kang said, Wando is located the southeast part of Korea, so it is isolated from qualified concerts and events. News about the event traveled throughout Wando and to its smaller islands where people there even traveled over to the main island to attend the concert. Following the concert, children also had the chance to receive the autographs from the musicians.

He also stated, It was a meaningful concert held for individuals who have been isolated from mainstream culture for most of their lives and that it was a unique opportunity for them to experience this cultural exchange. Since launching the outreach concert in Korea, EnoB has discovered that it does not have to limit its audience to children with disabilities but to an even greater crowd to include the multi-cultural families, which was one of the main problems in EnoB Korea.

Racism and the breakdown of multi-cultural families has become a wide-spread problem in Korea. Therefore, EnoB has continued to plan out the cultural events and concerts for multi-cultural families to dismiss the isolation placed on them from society. Through these cultural events, EnoB believes that the members of multi-cultural families can communicate better and easier assimilate with traditional Korean society.

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