November 13, 2014 @ NYU Langone Medical Center
Where NYU Langone Medical Center
For Whom Hospital Patients, Families and Staff
Staff Tae Wook Kang, Jae Yeon Kim, Gilsu Kim, Anna Park
Artist Sujin Kim(MD), Soyoung Park(Keyboard, Vocal), Hyoyoung Kim(Acoustic Bass, Makoto Fujitani(Drum), Sungwon Kim(Guitar)

Cheek to Cheek
    - Song by Frank Sinatra

All the thinkgs You Are
    - Song by Ella Fitzgerald

Autumn Leaves
    - Song by Frank Sinatra

Fly to the Moon
    - Song by Frank Sinatra

My One and Only Love
    - Song by Sarah Vaughan

    - Song by Frank Sinatra

Devil May Care
    - Song by Diana Krall

I'm All Smilesk
    - Song by Barbra Streisand

It Could happen to You
    - Song by Shirley bassey